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Dificulties with Card Fraud and Card not Present Transactions

Plastic Money - Easy and Convenient but Risky

The twenty-first century has been one of change, improvement and development. Today, we have left all orthodox methods of things behind and moved ahead with technological improvements. All this has been done for making our lives more comfortable, easier and faster!

One such invention was to make money available in form of plastic. What we call today as plastic money often refers to Credit Cards, Debit Cards and other forms of payment methods which do not require physical money. The world is going a step further by integrating money in to your mobile devices. NFC technology is the best example for this where mobile phones can be used to settle transactions over the counter!

But with plastic money comes risks which often give nightmares to the customers! Misuse of cards and card fraud have always prevailed as a risk ever since credit and debit cards were introduced. Although, financial institutions take measures from time to time to secure your card transaction experience, one or the other loop hole here and there leads to card fraud.

Card fraud is when any transaction is settled without the knowledge or presence of the authorized card owner. Such a transaction can happen due to a number of reasons and a number of methods. Card frauds often end up in putting the card holder in distress and increases financial liability. Hence, learning to avoid and encounter them.

Types of Card Fraud

There are many different types of card fraud which you should be aware of so that if you are a victim of card fraud, you can easily identify the signs and take the necessary measures to protect yourself, your identity and your money.

Stolen Cards

A stolen card may be used for illegal transactions which are initiated and settled without the authorization of the cardholder.

Application Fraud

Application fraud is when the application for obtaining a card is presented with wrong information or fake identity. Such card is then used by the card holder which is apparently a criminal.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when a person uses a credit card and portrays himself to be the card holder while making the transaction. Such person usually signs off as the card holder. For online frauds, account takeover is a good example of identity theft.


Phishing is when scammers try to take down the card information, like Card Number, Card Holder’s Name, CVV Numnrt and Expiry Date, which is essential to make online transactions. Telephone phishing is one method of obtaining the details where a person calls the card holder telling them that they are from the bank.

Card not present transaction

merchant-advise.net recognizes the card not present transaction as any transaction which is made without the use of card physically. Such transactions are often those which are made online on the web.

Repeat Billing

Sometimes an amount may be deducted twice from the card. This is called as repeat billing. It may be due to a technical issue or as well as be a fraud which is done deliberately.


How to avoid Card Frauds?

• Keep your cards safe

Cards must be kept in safe custody. It is better not to carry all your cards at one place together. Use a good card holder for storing cards safely. This will also safeguard your cards from water and heat.

• Change your account password frequently

Debit and credit cards often come up with online accounts to check account statements, settle transactions and much more features for the card holders to access. Such accounts are password protected to provide privacy as well as security to the user’s information. It is recommended to change your account password every 30 days to keep it safe!

• Get stolen cards blocked

If you have lost your card then you must block your card immediately to avoid it from getting in criminal hands who will misuse the card. One can easily block the card by sending a text message or getting in touch with your customer support on phone. It takes only a few minutes and avoids misuse.

• Keep your PIN secret

Every credit and debit card comes along with a 4 digit PIN code which must be entered by the cardholder to verify that the transaction is being authorized by him. Keep your PIN a secret and it is recommended to keep changing your PIN from time to time.

• Report frauds

If you think you are a victim of card fraud then you must report the incident at your nearest police station to be on a safer side.

Be safe and avoid card frauds with awareness!